Heinrich Füger, Prometheus Brings Fire

Teaching Qualifications

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Current PhD Supervisions

  • The Existential Function of Metaphor (PhD in Comparative Literature)
  • Work on Myth in Ovid (PhD in Comparative Literature, co-supervised with Katie Fleming)

Recent and Current Undergraduate Teaching: 

  • Myth and Modernity (first year Comp Lit);
  • European Literature and its Contexts (first year Comp Lit);
  • Foundations of German Studies (first year German);
  • Literature and Philosophy (second year Comp Lit);
  • Colonial Literatures, Post-Colonial Perspectives (second year Comp Lit);
  • German Thought (second year German and Comp Lit);
  • The Scene of Writing (final year Comp Lit)

Recent and Current Postgraduate Teaching: 

  • Cultures of Comparison (MA Comp Lit);
  • Walter Benjamin on Memory (IGRS MA in Cultural Memory);
  • Theory and Practice of Anglo-German Cultural Relations (MA Anglo-German Cultural Relations);
  • Anglo-German Travel Writing (MA Anglo-German Cultural Relations);
  • In Pursuit of Prejudice (MA Anglo-German Cultural Relations);
  • Anglo-German Aesthetics in the Long C18th (MA Anglo-German Cultural Relations)