Public Lectures

Recent and Upcoming Lectures / Videos

  • “World Religions as World Literature: On Friedrich Max Müller’s Sacred Books of the East Project”, part of a panel on Eastern Texts and Western Audiences at the American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, 19-22 March 2020 (event cancelled due to Covid-19)
  • “Blumenberg and Cassirer on Political Myth”, Hans Blumenberg. Neue Zugänge zum Werk. Internationales Symposion des Leibniz-Zentrums für Literatur- und Kulturforschung. Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 10-12 October 2019
  • “Interdisciplinarity Before the Disciplines: Biology, Philology and Anthropology in the Early History of Comparative Literature”, Der Geist der Universität, International Conference,  Universität Bielefeld, 9-10 October 2019
  • “Friedrich Max Müller and the Question of Scientific Comparison in the Humanities”, Portuguese Orientalism(s), International Conference, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, 22-24 November 2018
  • “German Anthropological Discourses Concerning Aboriginal Australians Around 1900: The Case of Hermann Klaatsch”, 2018 Beijing Humboldt Forum, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, 15-16 September 2018
  • “The ‘Science’ of Literary Studies in Late Nineteenth-Century Britain and Germany.” Colloquium Geschiedenis van de Filosofie (Colloquium for the History of Philosophy) Universiteit Utrecht, 25 October 2017
  • Two keynote lectures: “Hans Blumenberg as a Political Philosopher,” “Hans Blumenberg’s Theory of Political Myth.” Political Myth, Propaganda and the Politics of the Imagination (Antwerp Summer School in Philosophy and Society), University of Antwerp, 22-30 August 2016
  • “The Fate of ‘Goethe’ in the Human Sciences.” Usages de Goethe (lettres, sciences humaines), Transferts culturels / Séminaire 2015-2016, Pays Germaniques, École normale supérieure, Paris, 8 April 2016
  • “Oxford is Beautiful but one Longs for German Professors: F. Max Müller’s Encounters with British Culture and Thought.” Part of the series Germans in Britain, St. John’s College, Oxford, 28 Nov 2014
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